Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are affected which my cause serious health issues if left untreated or uncontrolled. Type 2 Diabetes is a disease of this era, what so ever be the reason in your case, might be either over eating, Sweet tooth habit, low quality food, pesticides in food, pollution, stress, lack of exercise or Obesity. Today, we all are experiencing the rise in cases of diabetes and other metabolic problems like Thyroid. Somewhere down the lane we, our self are the reasons we have diabetes. In order to understand the cause, prevention and management of Diabetes, we must understand what is leading our health to this stage. There are several factors which are contributing to this disease, no single cause is responsible. When multiple factors are triggered, then only a person develops Diabetes. The best diabetologist is the one who understands the food best for you then medicines.


What we eat, is to nourish our body and soul. Food plays an important role in providing balanced nutrition to our body. Right amount of nutrients like Carbohydrates, Proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy functioning of body.

Now in this era, things have changed. We eat more carbohydrates, Fructose, starch and packed food. What happens to this excess amount of energy? Yes, it gets stored in body as Fats. Sugary, Aerated Cold drinks, Juices, candy, cakes, snacks all are loaded with high glucose which is forcing our body to make and deposit fats in our body. Which is the primary cause of diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes).


Human body has evolved over billions of years and has always functioned and adapted with hardships of nature. But with civilized world, physical and strenuous work, sweating, is thing of past.  Most of us are sitting in comfortable air conditioner while working. There is Lack of physical activity and on other hand excess carbs consumption, is leading to more fat deposition, slowing down of metabolism, all leading insulin resistance. Exercise or workout acts opposite to insulin resistance i.e. it’s improves insulin sensitivity in body.

Best method for Management of Type 2 Diabetes

The secret for Prevention and Management of Diabetes

1. Mind what you eat, when you have diabetes.

Yes, stop the way food was consumed prior,  restrict sweet, sugary food from this point of time. Shift to more seasonal and local food. Nature always give what is required for season. In summer don’t have winter fruits, if you stay in India, now its summer, why to have Switzerland Apples now? Eat Ice-apples (Tadgola) excellent in minerals and hydrating fruit for summer. To balance your meals, reduce your weight, and improve insulin sensitivity try eating low-carb diet. More of vegetables, salad etc. Eat High fiber diet which releases carbohydrates slow in your body.

2.Herbal Help- Ayurvedic medicines for Diabetes Management. 

It’s always better to take help when you are in need. In metabolic problems let Ayurvedic herbs and medicines help your body in restoring function.

Herbs like Cumin, Amla, Triphala,Turmeric help in normalising metabolism,

Ashwagandha is very effective in strengthening  our body and also balances vital function, improves strength, sleep, and metabolism.

Ayurvedic herbs like Methi, Jambu, Vijaysar, daruharidra reduces insulin resistance.

To find what herbs are best for your body kindly consult our doctors. Do not do self medication of Ayurvedic medicines.

3. Exercise. 

It is the most important aspect of diabetes management, but unfortunately the mostly neglected in treatment of Type 2 Diabetes.  Exercise helps in insulin sensitivity, better utilisation of blood glucose, helps in reducing fats., with so many health benefits one cannot take it for granted in managing diabetes. We plan exercise, Yoga routine according to the target of weight loss, person lifestyle and requirement.  Each person is different and has different needs of workout which is been assessed  and advised accordingly.

Results of Ayurvedic medicines, Diet & Lifestyle modification

Result of one of our patient who has achieved near to normal blood sugar with proper diet changes and Ayurvedic medicines.

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